Southeast Asia Vaccines

1.      Get the right vaccines.

Based on our travel consultations with our doctors, we were requested to get the following vaccines.

Please note that this for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide you with legit medical advice – consult your doctor if you have any questions.


Vivaxim (Typhoid/Hepatitis A)


Malaria pills (Malarone/Mefloquine)

  • Malarone costs more and needs to be taken more frequently, but the side effects are not as bad as mefloquine.


Japanese Encephalitis (JE-Vax or Ixario)

  • Note, that the JE-Vax is no longer being manufactured. Ixario is the new vaccine. If you got JE-Vax for your primary shots, it’s recommended that you get a new set of primaries with Ixario since there is no longer a booster available for Je-VAX.


Rabies Vaccine

  • In Asia, there are a lot of stray dogs around, and some of them can be scary. A lot of them have been abused by people, so it’s best to avoid them.



  • An oral vaccine available that provides you with protection against travellers’ diarrhea.


Hepatitis B

  •  If you haven’t had a booster in 10+ years, you should probably get it asap.


Plus all other vaccines you’re not up to date on. 

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