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The Adventures of Cocoa and Marshmallow

Cocoa and Marshmallow are not your average kittens. Follow them as they explore their new home and make strange and exciting friends. This is a children’s series like no other!

In The Adventures of Cocoa and Marshmallow series we follow these two wild and rambunctious kitties as they explore their home and meet new and exciting friends. From finding the perfect hiding spot inside big brother Faran’s box spring to meeting the local raccoon, there is never a dull moment with these two!


Mr. Cocoa - Cocoa loves to run, tumble and play. He is fun and not afraid of the world outside his home. Cocoa has a real talent for getting in to trouble and always makes life interesting for his mom.

Mr. Marshmallow- Marshmallow is Cocoa’s best friend. Sweet and loving, Marshmallow is a quiet kitty who always seem to be there when you need him. While Cocoa is the wild one, Marshmallow knows how to get into trouble himself and is responsible for many frayed cords, broken vases and floods.