Bangkok – “Same, same but different.”

Hi everyone,

After a 10 hour plane ride, we finally arrived in Bangkok. I have to say, it’s the same, but a little different than 5 years ago. “Same same but different.”

According to David, it’s seems like a much more “ghetto version of Cancun.”

After a couple nights here of rest and leisure, we will be heading down to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. I am pretty excited since I have not been there. It’s a really giant Hindu temple.

Today, we arrived at Koh San Road, took a trip to MBK to eat at the food court and got a Thai massage. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and fall asleep.

Right now we are sitting at a restaurant/cafe planning to take a trip to Ratchada Night Bazaar. We wanted to go to Suan Lum, but according to Wikipedia, it has been relocated. Hopefully, it will be as fun as it was before.

Will post pictures soon.




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